Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nicaragua the Highlight Package - First Weekend

Feeling old hand now at traveling internationally with our three year old,  I was super stoked to finally be able to fit the two of us in one back pack for this trip.  We no longer needed to pack the necessities of a baby with us.  The stroller stayed home and while the car seat came, it was quickly apparent what a luxury it was.  We hit the ground in Managua running, it seemed, upon our arrival in Nicaragua.   Our ride was waiting for us, he greeted Steve with a broad smile and whisked us away to his car.  Steve road up front while Fin and I held court in the back seat for the hour long drive to Granada and then into the Laguna De Apoyo  where our friends Shamus and Sasha own and operate the Apoyo Lodge. 

The Apoyo Lodge is a wonderfully peaceful spot to drop out and rest up.  Rest is a funny concept to so many people but very attainable on this property.  We stayed in one of two suites facing the laguna and spent a good part of our first morning sitting on the veranda watching the birds feed, the full moon set and the sun to come up. 

Apoyo is going to be a great spot to host a Mother Ship Yoga  & Wellness Retreat!    Can you imagine  practicing yoga open air while facing the laguna?  You might even share your mat with a side plate sized toad, a beautiful Blue Morpho butterfly or one of the three resident pups.    It will be amazing.  Of course my dear yogi friends you want to go to here! 

Fin & Maude, one of the Apoyo Pups

First Morning Light at Apoyo Lodge
Fin on the veranda at Apoyo

After breakfast we hit the road to San Juan Del Sur.  The surf had the possibility of filling in and there was a skate boarding competition on that Shamus really was interested in seeing.  Always up for an adventure we set off.

Me, Fin and Sasha en route to San Juan Del Sur
We spent the weekend in San Juan Del Sur.  While we mostly left the town for the beaches I was able to snap a couple of quick photos from the car and a couple of short walks we took through town. 

A wooden Catholic church in the central square of San Juan Del Sur

Fin climbing steps to an apartment in San Juan Del Sur

The view from Gord and Elisha's apartment balcony in San Juan Del Sur

While we were in San Juan Del Sur we met up with a few more Canadian expats.  They told us all the expats in San Juan Del Sur are either from Canada or North Carolina.  We laughed because we can check both those boxes! While we are sharing our experiences you can also check out the blog of our new friends Gord and Elisha who have been documenting their adventures over the past year in Nicaragua.

Check back - I have so many great photos to share I am planning to break up the posts so you are not inundated....besides you totally want to know what happens next. 

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