Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cutting The Cheese

This morning while I was getting our breakfast ready, it's always the same, granola and yogurt, Finley came into the kitchen. She is wearing a white with florescent pink polka dot dress, my black fancy open toe high heeled shoes, a purse in the shape of a white poodle slung over her shoulder and the baby doll my dad gave her (that she has named grandpa baby) in her arms.

Quickly I grab my phone and hit the camera app to turn it on. I hate moments like this to go uncaptured. I hold the phone up, "Smile" I say.

"Chhhhhheeeeeeeeese!" Finley shouts.

As I'm checking the photo Finley says, "Mama I tooted when I said cheese."

She giggles and climbs up onto the chair to reach counter height and dives into her yogurt.

I love our mornings.

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