Sunday, December 12, 2010

Missing Mom

Ten years ago today my mother died. She bravely fought a six year battle and lost her life to Breast Cancer. She has been missed so badly by so many people. We all move on and remember her in our own ways. Sometimes the ten years seems like an eternity other times it seems like a moment. Her loss is a deep crevasse in my heart.

Memoriam in Today's paper. I think I wrote the verse for her first anniversary it's fitting to see it again on her 10th.

I'm thinking most of my sister today. She and my mom were two of a kind. Thankfully, I have her to remind me of our mom.

As Christmas approaches please remember to give in any way you can to the charities benefiting the research of cancer treatments. Some day there will be a cure.


Carla said...

Ships, my thoughts are with you. This past weekend was both a happy and a sad one for us too - losing Mur's dad 6 months ago (June 12th) and welcoming amazing, wee Colton into our lives 12 months ago (December 13th).....
The memoriam in the paper is the first time I've seen a photo of your mom and I cannot believe how much you look like her (and Sue too, but mostly, you have her eyes and infectious laugh/smile - I can see from the photo how her laugh must have been just as infectious as yours is). I can't imagine how you must feel (I'm calling my mom right now). Your mom would be amazed by Fin and proud of the mamma that you have become. Big hugs and kisses from Bytown....xoxoxox

Baby BEE and Me said...

Whoa, Shipley Pare!
I haven't been online for awhile, just checking out your blog. And I missed your Mom's one year.Unbelievable. I was thinking of this day several times at the end of November with every intention to lock it in my mind to call you on this day and love you as much as you know I do. Of course the toddler days are insane and now that I think about it I was at Coltons birthday party in the morning and then drove in a rainstorm with Bronwyn that afternoon to see my girlie family for xmas fun. I was exhausted and had to sleep at my Mom's. That is the importance of family, driving in rainstorms because the feeling of being with them is worth it. Carla's words are perfectly put and I am my usual Carolyn speechless. The loss of your Mom makes me numb and even 10 years later I am lost for words to my best friend. that's usually why I talk to Carolyn by myself on my deck in the sun, way easier....just burned the bacon overwhelmed by your Mom...and you. I love you.